1/2 Inch Rope Shackle 38k LB BS Red Bulldog Winch

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Bulldog Winch offers an extensive line of high quality winches and accessories and are frequently adding new items. Bulldog Winch offers a value rope and a premium abrasion resistant rope. High quality wire rope. OE replacement for Bulldog or other winches. Rope Shackles are high strength, light weight alternatives to steel screw pin shackles. Easy to connect and disconnect. Super strong-made from same HMPE material as synthetic winch line. Slip loop goes over monkey fist knot and tightens under load. Extra protective sleeve to help protect the rope material from sharp edges. High visibility colors to make it easy to keep straight during rigging and easy to spot at night.

  • PN: 20311
  • 1/2 inch Rope Shackle 38,000 LB BS
  • High strength HMPE rope - same material as synthetic winch line
  • Looped on one end and knotted on the other
  • 8 inch Diameter Loop
  • High visibility red color
  • Flexible and easily wraps around anchor points
  • Protective sleeve
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Color: Red
  • Sold As: Each