EVO 2011+ Jeep JKU Chromoly Sport Cage with Rear Bar

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Whether on the road or on the trail, safety is of the utmost importance. One of the more popular safety upgrades is the addition of some type of sport cage. Many of these aftermarket sport cages however, are bulky, obtrusive and can greatly obstruct visibility, and some can be overly difficult to install. The EVO MFG Chromoly Sport Cage is unlike any other sport cage available. Its design gives you the protection of a sport cage, without sacrificing vehicle functionality. It offers maximum visibility through the windshield and full peripheral view through the side windows. The plate steel is precision cut and formed to follow the lines of your vehicle’s interior for a clean fit and finish. For strength, all structural components of the EVO MFG Sport Cage are constructed of 4130 Chromoly steel. This type of steel is almost twice as strong as mild steel, which is commonly used in JK sport cages, where 4130 is commonly used in the most demanding vehicle applications, namely, race cars chassis. The Chromoly is laser cut, CNC press brake formed and fully fixture welded. The EVO MFG Sport Cage adds rigidity through the A-pillars, by capturing the thick weld seam in the door sill and running all the way up to the top of the windshield frame. The transition from the dash to the A-Pillar features a strong, multi-faceted, reinforced gusset as opposed to a common butt welded and/or mild steel overhang transition. The high-visibility dash crossbar ties into this reinforced gusset on both the passenger and driver sides just above the dashboard. The windshield frame, which Jeep has designed to be an integral structural component, is reinforced by bolting directly to the EVO MFG Chromoly Sport Cage both at the top corners, as well as along the sides. It bolts to a structural, boxed portion of the Sport Cage instead of either an overhang piece of sheet metal, or nothing at all. Just rearward of the windshield frame and A-pillar, the factory header bars on both the passenger and driver side are connected to the EVO MFG Sport Cage by an included 4130 structural, formed-plate crossbar bolted directly to the header bars. This gives added lateral support to the sport cage. In addition to this, and unique to the EVO MFG sport cage, we marry the windshield frame A pillar attachment to the crossbar with a 4130 connection plate that integrates the 2 sections of the Sport Cage into a single structural, support assembly. Moving rearward from the crossbar, the EVO MFG sport cage includes a 4130 center backbone. It combines with the crossbar to make a “T” that adds strength and rigidity both forward and rearward in the cab to securely connect both the A-pillar and B-pillar. The backbone is pre drilled for overhead radio mounting and allows for the installation of map lights or other accessories. The EVO MFG Sport Cage ships in raw steel and can be painted or powder coated a color that blends into your vehicle’s interior, or carry a color scheme to the inside. The installation is bolt-in with some drilling and it is compatible with dashboard tweeter speakers, visors, sPod, soft top and hardtop. EVO MFG Chromoly Sport Cage Rear Bar is used on the Jeep JKU connecting the B&C Pillar OE Crossmembers or EVO-1167 and EVO-1168