EVO PRO Series JKU Boatside Bombers

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EVO Manufacturing Pro Series JK Boatside Bombers are intended to give added rocker panel protection, a clean smooth Sheetmetal appearance while maintaining extremely high clearance to the body. EVO Pro Series JK Boatside Bombers are manufactured from 3/16” Laser Cut Steel, Precision CNC Press Brake formed. This 2 piece deign mounts to the body on the upper half with Nutsert fasteners and the 3 existing lower body mount bolts on the underside of your JK body. They offer direct install with current EVO Rockskin body armor panels if already installed on your JK (Rockskins panels do need to be replaced with upper boatside panel, no additional holes need to be drilled). The lower slider portion incorporates 7 internal gussets and 2 outer gussets each side, producing a very rigid slider. The lower slider portion gives a nice flat surface on top to be used as a step and protrudes out from the body to help keep the trail from getting to the body of your JK. EVO MFG Pro Series JK Boatside Bombers are sold in raw metal finish and can be painted or powdercoated to your color preference. All hardware is included and is stainless steel. EVO-1165 EVO B-Pillar Rockskin available ( Sold Separately )